Lexington, Mass REHS Examination Review Course 4/10-12/2018

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Announcing: REHS Exam Prep Course 

April 10, 11, 12, 2018 Lexington, MA

 21+ years of development, 20 years of proven successs. Attend the dynamic lecture series dedicated to help you pass the NEW NEHA Registered Environmental Health Specialist Exam. In just 3 days we will cover all 17 Environmental Health topics on the exam. All 1000+ PowerPoint slides used in this exhilarating presentation are included in the course workbook. (Course workbook is included in the price of the class. Just pay $13 shipping).

Also included are hundreds of exam clues, pointers and strategies.

The April 10, 11, 12, 2018 class will be held at

1605 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA. Estabrook Hall or Robbins Room.   

Check in on Tuesday will begin at 7:30 am. Class will commence at 8:00am sharp and finish at 5:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For a complete description, download our class syllabus (currently a work in progress). Simply click on or cut and paste the URL listed towards the bottom of this page into your browser.

Can't make the date or location? Call or email us to arrange for a class in your area.

What are successful students saying about the REHS/RS Review Course?

"Hi, Walter/Claudia, I attended your training session in Holland, MI last month [Oct 2013] and took your advice: I scheduled my NEHA REHS/RS exam as soon as possible. I took the exam today and PASSED! I have been 'away' from Environmental Health for nearly 20 years, and could not have passed this examination without your class and text materials. The workshop, materials, everything were truly top-notch. Thank-you so much! I am re-entering Environmental Health with a new job on 12/02/2013! Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. I will certainly recommend your course!" J.M. Columbus, OH.

"We were so cold in that classroom, but Walter kept the pace up, which was great, because we actually got through all the material in his workbook...I didn't know where to begin studying and this class really pulled all the subjects together for me."    T.L. from the Tucson NEHA AEC

"It is with great honor, pride, and pleasure for me to be emailing you this morning. I have retaken the REHS/RS exam yesterday and...passed! I cannot begin to express my appreciation to you, as my teacher in the REHS/RS review course at the NEHA conference in Atlanta. You taught me a great deal more than I realized. Not only in environmental health, but in perseverance and the will to stay strong and to stay focused on the goal at hand....Your uplifting words helped me through long tireless nights of study and in times when I though "I might not get there". Well I did, and words cannot express my thanks to you for providing an outstanding prep class and...as a human being who cares about his students even after they have taken your class and moved on....You helped me achieve a life long goal in attaining my REHS/RS."    R.B. from the Atlanta NEHA AEC

"I took the REHS exam review course in MA in October and took the test in November.. I passed it the very first time and I have to give all the credit to Mr. Saraniecki's class and workbook which prepared me to take the exam. I hadn't even opened any book before this but then I spent four weekends studying the workbook & everything that you need to know for the exam is in the workbook!! I will not have passed this test if it wasn’t for the 2.5 days class and the workbook that came with it! Thank you Mr. Saraniecki for your hard work & helping us achieve what is considered nearly impossible in the first attempt :-)" J.M. from Sunderland, MA

Course workbook is included in the price of the class. (Just pay $13 shipping).

With your paid registration a special 32nd Edition V2 of the course workbook will be shipped to you one month before the course. The 32nd edition V2 will be the required official course workbook. The 32nd edition V2 of the workbook has been edited to reflect changes that NEHA made to the exam since July 13, 2014 and again in 2016.

Our list of recommended self-study online courses will be sent with your paid registration. Most of these helpful on-line courses are free from NEHA, EPA, and FEMA websites. This list was chosen based on their relevancy to the exam. There is even a short list of useful YouTube videos.

Act now and you can start preparing for the exam as soon as your on-line self study list arrives with the workbook!

Click on this link to download a class syllabus .  


Click here for the Cancellation Policy .


Course Price: $450.00 + $13.00 workbook shipping = $463.00


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